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questions I ask myself since you left me. (via sad-veins)

(via sad-veins)

Why do feelings change from one to another day? Where do they go? Where did your feelings go? Will they come back? Will you come back?

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(via sad-veins)

Fix me. Please somebody fucking fix me.

Charles Bukowski (via soulsscrawl)

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I will remember the kisses, our lips raw with love,
and how you gave me everything you had
and how I offered you what was left of me.

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When someone’s flaws are not flaws in your eyes, you’re fucked.

2:01 am // c.u.t  (via beauty-of-abs0lutes)

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there are no galaxies
underneath my skin.
i am not a collection
of stardust and
unbound potential.
i am brittle bones and
ugly bruises.
i am
a mess.

Michelle K., You Are Enough.  (via themilkywhiteway)

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You are enough.
Paint it on your mirrors,
on the back of your eyelids,
drown it in your stomach,
sing it in every word you say.
You are never too much.
Eat your food,
sleep eight hours,
walk like you love yourself.
You are enough.
Say it in your sleep,
mantras to carry you through your day.
There is never enough of you.
You are a thirst that is never quenched.
I crave you when you’re away.
I love every piece of you.
But I cannot make you love yourself.
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